The ''CAEX I-2023'' exercise ends

(To Army Majority State)

After three weeks, in the presence of the Army Aviation Commander, Division General Andrea Di Stasio, the "Scuola Tiri AVES II/2023" and the exercise "CAEX I-2023" (Complex Aviation Exercise). Organized and conducted by the AVES command and the "Friuli" aircraft brigade, the activities saw all the units of the Specialty engaged in a complex, multi-arms and inter-force training event, within the framework of interoperability and specialization.

The "shooting school" was aimed at maintaining the shooting ability with the on-board armament of the helicopters, in favor of the crews soon to be placed in the operational theaters and in readiness shifts for the national rapid reaction plans. The qualification, rehabilitation and maintenance of the flying personnel involved both day and night fire activities using all the weapon systems supplied, with 7,62 mm and 20 mm caliber ammunition.

CAEX I – 2023 managed and coordinated 350 military personnel, flying sorties for a total of over 150 flight hours and employed a total of 16 aircraft including AH-129D, UH-90A, CH47F and HH-412.

The assets exercised demonstrated their level of preparation and integration, in a crescendo of difficulty and complexity in the numerous day and night flight activities, which led to the performance of a demanding land tactical activity, where all the proper tasks were performed from the Combat Aviation Brigade.