Operation "Spring" in Safe Roads

(To Army Majority State)

Since the beginning of 2023, the "Strade Sicure-Terra dei fuoco" operation has had a further boost thanks to the launch of a dense network of meetings with the local authorities who have developed an intense awareness-raising activity on the topic of prevention, environmental education and correct management of the waste cycle in favor of citizens, in particular of the younger generations, with the help and support of the soldiers of the group Campania, currently based on the 1st Bersaglieri Regiment.

On these assumptions, the "Spring" operation was conceived and carried out, an operational plan interagency aimed at strengthening the activities of prevention and contrast to the phenomenon of fires and pollution, as well as promoting collateral activities for the promotion of legality and awareness of civil society on the issue of waste.

Among the results achieved during this period, the return to their rightful owners of over 150 vehicles found by the patrols should be highlighted. In addition, 30 interventions were carried out for flagrante delicto, both for environmental crimes and against property and people.

In addition to the excellent results obtained in the control and seizure of vehicles and in the control of people and the territory in general, there is also an increase in administrative sanctions for various types of offences.​​