Maurin 23: training in the high mountains

(To Army Majority State)

The departments of the Alpine Brigade Taurinense they trained in shooting with 120 mm heavy mortars, 105/14 howitzers, individual and unit weapons and in the use of explosive charges.

The purpose of the exercise was to consolidate and increase the ability to conduct tactical activities in black and on fire.​

Organized by the 1st (mountain) land artillery regiment, the "Maurin 23" saw the participation of the 3rd Alpine regiment of Pinerolo, the 2nd Alpine regiment of Cuneo, the 32nd stationed in Fossano and the 9th Alpine regiment of L'Aquila who - in rotation - lined up over the course of four weeks at the Col Maurin shooting range.

The 1st Regiment also trained with a section of the 93rd mountain artillery regiment, the unit of 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade French which cooperates permanently with the Taurinense.