Lebanon: CIMIC activity of the Italian contingent


Among the civil and military cooperation activities of the Italian blue helmets in favor of the population of southern Lebanon, two days ago, projects were held at the Municipality of Tibnin for the delivery of two projects of Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) financed with national funds , for a total value of 40.000 €.

The two projects consist in the construction of a road retaining wall near a municipal school and in a drinking water tank, equipped with a water purification system.

The Commander of the Italian blue helmets, Brigadier General Maurizio Riccò, and Colonel Mauro Arnò - head of the CIMIC of the Italian contingent, welcomed at the Municipality of Tibnin, were awarded Honorary citizenship in recognition of the commitment made by the Italian Contingent, in the over the years, to support the development and well-being of the local population.

At the end of the brief but significant ceremony, the Authorities intervened went to the places where projects were developed for the discovery of commemorative plaques, bearing witness to the sentiments of friendship and brotherhood that bind Italy to the Lebanese people.

Source: Italian contingent in Lebanon