Latvia: the Italian Wolves in Winter Latvia

(To Greater Defense)

The exercise took place near the training area of ​​Camp Adazi in the mission in Latvia Winter Latvia, to which the Alpine troops of the Baltic Task Group they participated alongside departments in Canada, Poland, Slovakia and Latvia. The exercise, included in the "Initial Integration Training" training program, aims to integrate all the components of the Enhanced Forward Presence in Latvia to be able to maximize training results in terms of interoperability, combat power and expressible abilities.

The activity - led by the Latvian mechanized brigade, in which the Alpine troops of the Baltic Task Group - consisted in the simulation of a defensive action conducted by the advanced component of the Latvian brigade reinforced by armored structures. The fire action was initiated by six reconnaissance vehicles Hummer, with the fire support of the M 109 self-propelled howitzers, which were later joined by four Polish tanks PT-91 and our BV 206 S7 which neutralized the threat quickly and efficiently. The protagonist of the exercise was the BV 206 S7, a vehicle in use by the mountain troops of the Italian Army, which highlighted versatility of use, high mobility, as well as excellent transport capabilities.

The Italian Army participates in theEnhanced Forward Presence following the decisions taken by the Warsaw Summit in July 2016, with which Italy decided to respond to the agreed measures for the east flank, a tangible sign of solidarity with the Baltic States.