The “Aries” trains in warfighting scenarios

(To Army Majority State)

The "Iron Armored 22" and "Apollo 22" exercises have concluded, which involved the command of the 132nd "Ariete" armored brigade and the dependent units in training activities aimed at consolidating the operational capacity of the heavy forces.

During the four weeks a gradual training progression was developed which saw the departments engaged in activities, black and white, characterized by increasing levels of complexity and realism. The training program culminated in the armored tactical group exercise, with the aim of integrating and exercising the different aliquots of the armored component in the conduct of a counterattack in a scenario warfighting.

In this regard, all the articulations of the large unit were involved in the planning process, starting from the brigade command which had the opportunity to test the C2 procedures in a high-intensity scenario.

The Chief of Staff of the Army, Army Corps General Pietro Serino attended the final exercise, accompanied by the commander of the Northern Operational Forces, Army Corps General Salvatore Camporeale and the commander of the 132nd armored brigade "Ariete ”, Brigadier General Marco Longo. As a premise, General Serino witnessed a briefing presentation of the features of the activity, with particular reference to the operational capabilities that can be expressed and the methods of conducting a multi-weapon armored manoeuvre.

In addressing his greeting address to the exercise personnel, the Army Chief of Staff emphasized “it was an articulated exercise in which you demonstrated training, professionalism and dedication. 2023 will bring us new challenges and new commitments, and by working together, we will continue to show what the Italian Army does and can do for the national community and for the defense of our country."