The Sassari Brigade in mountain training

(To Army Majority State)

The 152 infantry regiment "Sassari" concluded an intense training cycle, which involved the soldiers newly assigned to the unit, belonging to the role graduated e Volunteers.

After carrying out activities carried out in the “Gonzaga” Barracks, headquarters of the regiment belonging to the “Sassari” brigade, the teams moved to the province of Nuoro, in the territories of the municipalities of Fonni and Desulo, for the final exercise called “Mountain Cat ".

In a mountain environment, the personnel employed carried out both day and night tactical actions in the Orosei and Gennargentu National Park, where they reached the highest altitudes of the island, including Punta La Marmora (q. 1.834), Bruncu Spina (q. 1.828) and Monte Spada (q. 1.595).

During the continuous exercise, which lasted five days, the soldiers in training traveled a total of over seventy kilometers, putting into practice the concepts relating to the subjects of topography, Basic Life Support (BLS), weapons, setting up Alarm Observation Posts and Fire Centers previously.

The regiment, for years now, carries out activities similar to the one just ended, with the aim of consolidating the training level of newly assigned and favoring the amalgamation, a premise of their inclusion in the minor units and in anticipation of any commitments that the brigade could be called upon to carry out operations both nationally and abroad.