Joint Stars: Garibaldi's Bersaglieri on the ground with Norwegian soldiers

(To Greater Defense)

In the context of Joint Stars 23, joint and interagency exercise planned and directed by the operational command of the Joint Forces Summit (COVI) of Defense, the "Garibaldi" Bersaglieri Brigade has completed an intense exercise phase which provided for training in the planning and conduct of a military operation aimed at increasing interoperability and inter-force cooperation and with units belonging to foreign armies.

Under the direction of the brigade command post, which includes 4 Slovenian officers, the units of the 8th Bersaglieri regiment, reinforced by tank platoons, units of engineers, helicopters and aircraft from the Army and Air Force, conducted defensive and offensive tactical activities with the Norwegian battalion Telemark, remained in the area after the NATO exercise Noble Jump.

The activities were carried out with opposing troops (OPFOR), made up of personnel of the "Serenissima" Lagunari Regiment and equipped with simulation systems of the tactical training center (CAT) of Teulada which allowed the activity to be carried out warfighting very realistically.

The brigade Garibaldi participate in JOST23 which land component command e EXCON detachment land at the training areas of the Capo Teulada shooting range.

The joint training of Italian and foreign departments represents the signal of cooperation between the Armed Forces of allied countries and NATO partners, also within the framework of the integrated European defense system as a common, reciprocal and collaborative response to the safeguarding and protection of the individual territories of the countries members.

La Joint Stars 2023 sees the Italian Armed Forces train in the defense of land, sea and air spaces, with the conduct of operations also in the space and cybernetic domain, in the defense against chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear contamination and in the fight against threats deriving from new technologies and use of aerial and submarine drones.