Inauguration of the war memorial

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, with a contained ceremony, the commander of the military command of the capital, general of the army corps Rosario Castellano, inaugurated the monument dedicated to the fallen of the 1st World War, moved to the Castro Pretorio barracks.

The artifact, initially located at the "Luciano Manara" barracks, was built by the "Torino" brigade at the end of the conflict, in memory of the fallen brothers of Arma. The work, in fact, depicts an infantryman of the Italian Army, in a plastic position, on a pyramidal base of “peperino” lava stone, coming from Monte Grappa, where some of the fiercest battles took place.

Following the definitive transfer of the "Luciano Manara" barracks to the Ministry of Justice, it was decided to move the monumental complex to a site historically more suitable for its final location, which was identified in the "Castro Pretorio" barracks.

During the ceremony, held in a limited setting for the number of participants and in full compliance with the containment rules by CoVid-19, General Castellano, after having expressed his satisfaction to the commander of the central logistic group, Brigadier General Diego Filippo Fulco, for the precious work done by the department in the translation of the artifact, highlighted the symbolic meaning of the work inspired by the efforts made by the Italian Army during the period of the Great War, underlining, moreover, the concomitance with the celebrations of the Centenary of the translation of the Unknown soldier at the Altare della Patria.

The ceremony ended with the dutiful blessing and the reading of the Soldier's Prayer by the military chaplain.