The Army Dog Group in Bologna

(To CME "Emilia Romagna")

It takes place for the first time in Bologna, in the beautiful setting of the Margherita Gardens, the canine event “Design Attacks”.

Sponsored by the municipality, the University - Department of Veterinary and the Local Health Authority, and with the participation of numerous sector associations, the event aims to promote culture and correct information on the world of the working dog and good dog practices, and will see the participation of a "pair" (handler-dog) of the Italian Army, who will work alongside colleagues from the Carabinieri and the State Police.

During the event, the potential that the human-dog collaboration also offers to the Defense sector will be illustrated to the public and shown in a dynamic form.

The canine skills of the Armed Force, since 2002, are expressed by Canine Group, battalion-level department organically inserted into the Veterinary Military Center of Grosseto.

The unit, made up entirely of professional soldiers who enter at the end of a severe and long aptitude selection, operates in the sectors:

  • breeding of the dog of military interest;
  • the promotion, research, selection and training of the personnel destined to operate as Instructor e Canine operator;
  • research and study, in collaboration with national bodies and the Armed Forces of allied and friendly countries.

The "dog soldier" always works in the company of a military conductor as a specialized binomial, and acquires, at the end of a long and intense training cycle, the following skills:

  • Mine Detection Dog (MDD), search and reporting of buried explosive devices;
  • Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) searching and reporting of explosives, weapons and ammunition on the surface;
  • Patrol EDD, search, report and arrest of hostile personnel and, if necessary, search and report of explosives weapons and ammunition on the surface.

The dog groups of the Italian Army represent an operational tool of excellence and a sophisticated sensor available to our military and those friends and allies, capable of detecting the presence of a wide spectrum of threats, and thus guaranteeing high levels of protection of the power.

These assets are often involved in international missions in which Italy participates under the UN / NATO flag or aegis or within pre-established coalitions.

Dog-loving binomials are present today in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Libya.