The commander of COMFOTER-COE to the "Acqui" division

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, Gen. ca Giovanni Fungo, commander of the land operations forces and of the Army operational command, visited the "Acqui" division for an update on the training activities of the large complex unit and on the progress of the infrastructural projects inside the "Oreste Salomone" barracks in Capua.

Welcomed by the commander of the "Acqui" division, gen. d. Francesco Bruno, General Fungo participated in a briefing with all the divisional staff, during which the actions undertaken by Acqui were illustrated in the recalibration process in the "Warfighting Division" which sees it interested, including the experiences gained, in the "Warfighter Exercise 23" in Texas (USA).

At the end of the briefing, General Fungo visited the "Home Base", the infrastructure that will be approved to operate with national, NATO and EU communication systems. This infrastructure will allow Acqui's staff to plan and conduct operations both nationally and multinationally in conditions of maximum flexibility and security.

The visit continued at divisional command post deployed for the "Steadfast Jupiter 23", the exercise that will see theAcqui engaged with NATO's British Rapid Reaction Army Corps (ARRC UK) in the planning and conduct of an operation in a scenario warfighting, and finally to the "Eco-Fitness" area.

At the end of the activity, the COMFOTER-COE commander saluted the War Flag of the 57th "Abruzzi" command and tactical support department and, after expressing his satisfaction to General Bruno for the growth path that the division Acqui is carrying on, he greatly appreciated the synergy between the departments of "Solomone".