CIMIC in contaminated scenarios

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, the exercise of the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNGC) called "Contaminated Survival 2020" focused on the development of communication and negotiation skills, planning of Quick Impact Project ( QIP) and evaluation of the operating environment, simulating a biologically contaminated scenario.

The soldiers of the MNCG, an inter-force and multinational unit specialized in civil-military cooperation, trained in a highly realistic and current context, very similar to that linked to the health emergency by CoViD-19.

The operators developed the three core functions of the CIMIC, i.e. the civil-military connection, support for force and support for non-military actors present in a specific area of ​​operations, implementing the restrictions, obligations and limitations provided by the exercise, in the presence of representatives of International, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations, personified by actors and specialists of the MNCG.

The purpose of the "Contaminated Survival 2020" was to establish and maintain full and effective cooperation between the deployed military force and the population, in order to create the necessary conditions to give the Commander the greatest moral, material and tactical advantages in relation to the political, economic, religious and social environment, to conduct the operation in a biologically altered environment.

The training of the CIMIC operator is necessarily conducted at 360 degrees and in such a way as to ensure the fulfillment of heterogeneous tasks, oriented to operate through the use of the so-called "comprehensive" approach (Comprehensive Approach).

MNCG operators are employed both in current international missions (Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Djibouti, Niger) and in national operations such as EUNAVFORMED and "Safe Roads".