The Army Chief of Staff greets the "Nunziatella"

(To Army Majority State)

The Army Chief of Staff, Army Corps General Pietro Serino, before handing over command of the Army, wanted to spend his last day of service at the “Nunziatella” Military School, where his career began, when at 14 he decided to become a soldier.​​​​​

Welcomed by the Commander of Army Training, Specialization and Doctrine, Gen. ca Carlo Lamanna and the commander of the Training Institute, Colonel Giuseppe Stellato, General Serino participated in the Flag Raising, then paid homage to the Institute Flag, decorated with the Bronze Medal for Army Valor and the Gold Cross to the Merit of the Carabinieri, and met the staff of the permanent cadre, the teachers and students of the School, together with a representation of the former students.​​​​​

The Chief of Staff of the Army, having reached the end of his command, bid farewell with emotion to the Nunziatella, the School that prepared him for military life by transmitting to him those values ​​and principles that have always inspired him throughout his career, the School that represented the transition to a professional life dedicated to commitment and duty. Addressing the young students, General Serino said: “What is the meaning of being at Nunziatella? What is the point of spending three years of your life here? The profound meaning that I understood, looking back, is that in here I found myself. Jealously maintain that ego, which, together with your intellectual independence, will represent the most precious thing that will accompany you in life. Follow yourself, follow your instincts, your passions and you will live a life full of satisfaction. Good luck guys!"

The “Nunziatella” Military School, the oldest military training institute in Europe, has the task of training boys and girls who, having expressed interest in the “world with stars”, seek opportunities that ensure them an innovative scholastic education and modern, oriented towards a European dimension and inserted in a context of excellence. Commissioned in 1787 by Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, it has seen the attendance of entire generations of students, who over the course of its centuries-old history have acquired positions of absolute importance both in the military and in the various political and economic sectors of the country's life.