The 2 ° FOD verifies the capacity of the medical aid


In the past few days, in the "Antonio Cavalleri" barracks, the health exercise (MEDEX- Medical Exercise): "Valetudinarium 2014" was carried out to train the assets and health personnel of the barracks in the conduct and development of specific rescue activities normally performed in an operational theater and which are part of the Tactical Combact Casualty Care.

The exercise, conceived by the 2 ° FOD, is part of the project of the measures adopted by the commander of the 2 ° FOD, Vincenzo Lops army corps general, for the protection and surveillance of the health of the man-soldier in order to improve the physical potential of combat, but also to test the readiness and capacity of the entire "supply chain" of relief, starting from the figure of the "military rescuer" and of the health structures, in the management of crisis situations with very realistic and adherent simulations to operational needs.

For the occasion, the deployment of a ROLE 1 (Health support in operation level rgt / btg) of a Po.Me. (Medication Post) mobile of the command department and tactical supports "Acqui" and the activation of twenty operators divided into two teams. 

The proposed topics concerned traumatic events with increasing severity and difficulty in treatment.

All the operators involved carried out the exercises with a high level of intervention and great harmony, allowing them to achieve the intended objectives.

Source: Command of Terrestrial Operations Forces