The 185th “Folgore” parachute artillery regiment returns to its homeland

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, welcomed by the commander of the "Folgore" paratrooper brigade, Brigadier General Roberto Vergori, the "Yellow Devils" of the 185th "Folgore" paratrooper artillery regiment returned to their homeland, escorting the War Flag of the unit, after having the six-month mandate in Kosovo as part of the NATO “Joint Enterprise” operation ended.

The commander of the thunderbolt, in his greeting, he wished to express his appreciation of the soldiers of the 185th Parachute Artillery Regiment who, under the guidance of their commander, Colonel Andrea Bertazzo, "They carried out a mission of fundamental importance for the security of Kosovo and our country." General Vergori then went on to highlight how "In a dynamic and articulated context, made even more difficult by the health emergency caused by COVID-19, the paratroopers worked with great professionalism, competence and humanity, to protect the monastery of Decane and the freedom of movement, deserving the appreciation of the local population and providing a concrete and highly effective contribution to the prestige of the Italian Armed Forces in an international context ".

In addition to the numerous operational tasks, the paratroopers of the 185th Artillery Regiment have completed various civil-military cooperation interventions in the public utility sector, based on the primary needs of the operational context, including the donation of medical equipment and the preparation of photovoltaic and water systems in various municipalities. Equally appreciated by local institutions and the community were the projects concluded for the construction of a playground and for the supply of educational equipment and equipment for the benefit of schools, accompanied by multiple activities to support the most disadvantaged families.

Reconstituted in Bracciano on 1 July 2013, the 185th "Folgore" parachute artillery regiment was used to support national and international security, both at home, as part of Operation "Safe Roads", and outside the borders national operations, in the "Prima Parthica" operations in Iraq, "Leonte" in Lebanon, "ISAF" and "RSM" in Afghanistan, "EUTM" in Somalia and Mali, "MIASIT" in Libya and "Joint Enterprise" in Kosovo.