The 132nd Reg. wagons at "Saber Junction"

(To Army Majority State)

A platoon of the Permanent Training Company (PTC) of the 132nd tank regiment, a unit belonging to the 132nd armored brigade "Ariete", recently participated in the multinational exercise called "Saber Junction 2021", held at the training area of ​​Hohenfels, in Germany, and aimed at to certify the state of readiness of the 2nd cavalry regiment (Dragoon) American assigned toUS Army Europe for the purpose of conducting terrestrial operations in the environment joint e combined and promote interoperability with allied and partner countries participating in the exercise itself.

The activity, coordinated by the combat training center Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC) American, involved military assets from 13 countries of the Atlantic Alliance and partners (among them: United States of America, Romania, England, Lithuania, Ukraine and Italy), divided into two opposing parties.

Cordenons tankers were engaged in the role of Opposing Forces (OPFOR) with motorized, mechanized units and Special Forces assets belonging to the Polish, Serbian, Albanian and Macedonian armies, as opposed to the 2nd cavalry regiment US reinforced by units combat e combat support Allied.

The training activities saw the units initially engaged in the planning phase and, subsequently, of intense conduct, enhanced by the use of simulation systems Multiple Integrates Laser Engagement System (MILES) and the deployment of international OCT (Observer, Trainer and Controller) observer cores.

In the same period, in Italy, in the training area of ​​the Cellina-Meduna, other platoons of the PTC of the department conducted, in the multi-weapon field, a simulated activity of forcing a minefield, with the support of the specialized assets of the 10th Engineer Regiment sappers, promoting greater amalgamation between the members of the wagon crews and the assets of combat support of the “Ariete” brigade.

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