The 132nd wagons at "Bayonet Ready"

(To Army Majority State)

The 132nd tank regiment, a unit of the 132nd “Ariete” armored brigade, has participated in the last few days in the multinational exercise called “Bayonet Ready 2021”.

The activity was coordinated by the combat training center Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC) and took place in the training area of ​​Hohenfels, Germany. The primary objective of the exercise was to certify the readiness of the 173 ^ US Parachute Brigade assigned to US ARMY Europe AF for the conduct of ground operations in the environment joint e combined in the meantime, promoting interoperability with allied countries and partners participating in the exercise itself.

The Cordenons tankers, lined up with four C1 tanks Ram, were employed as "friendly forces" framed in 503rd Airborne Battalion area of 173 ^ Airborne Brigade, as the only non-US unit exercised. The training activities saw the units engaged in a continuous five-day period, through the use of simulation systems Multiple Integrates Laser Engagement System (MILES) and in an evaluation phase carried out by the OCT (Observer, Controller Trainer) observer groups.

The personnel exercised conducted, in the wooded environment, numerous tactical activities with the paratroop infantry units, in particular in the movement for contact, in the defense of positions and in the counterattack, operating organically or for pairs of tanks, detached to reinforce the infantry company units, and by successfully engaging armored and armored vehicles used by the units employed such as Opposing Forces.

Ultimately, the “Bayonet Ready 2021” turned out to be an important and profitable training activity for the crews of the 132nd Tank Regiment which allowed them to test and consolidate the acquired skills in a multinational context.