The engineers of the 4 ° regiment are trained in Villarosa (Enna)


An important training activity carried out by the 4 ° gypsum engineering regiment of Palermo, at the "Morello" dam in the Villarosa area (Enna), ended in the past few days.

The intense training of the engineers was aimed at maintaining the "combat" capacity in the lake / river environment and at maintaining the training levels in the event of public disasters.

The series of tactical acts of the specialty sappers that followed one another during the training period were summarized in a final exercise in which the spoiler company simulated the performance of an operational reconnaissance aimed at forcing an unmanageable waterway using motor boats. and rowing, followed by a mined "shore / shore".

During this last phase, the sappers have exalted their specific abilities to remediate and forcing mined areas for the opening of safe corridors in which infiltrate the demolition cores engaged to carry out the sabotage of a simulated center of "enemy" broadcasts.

The exercise was attended by local authorities (represented by the municipality of Villarosa, which is also a sister city to the 4 ° regiment of genius), civil and military authorities and a local parish group composed of children accompanied by animators.

For the carrying out of the logistic support activities the regiment made use of wooded areas granted by the municipality and the region of Sicily which were returned to the authorities in the best way by highlighting the everlasting link between nature and the armed forces.

Source: Command of Terrestrial Operations Forces

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