The engineers of the 4 regiment are responsible for a fire


The engineers of the 4 ° regiment of genius breakers of Palermo, present in the territory of Villarosa (EN) for training activities, at yesterday's 13.30 they saw, a short distance from the dam in which they operated, a fire that was involving a vast area of ​​woodland with pines and eucalyptus.

Colonel Pisciotta, commander of the 4th sapper genius, present on the site, ordered the immediate intervention of the military and at the same time the forest ranger and firefighters were alerted by telephone.

With tools of circumstance, equipment of the genius and a tanker, the military managed to tame the intense fire that had already involved a vast area. The technical skills of the personnel and the means supplied to the army guarantee the precious intervention in the case of public utility and for the protection of the environment.

Source: Command of Terrestrial Operations Forces

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