The Alpine troops of the “Taurinense” in practice

(To Bgt "Taurinense")

The “Laran 2021” exercise, which saw the participation of numerous units of the “Taurinense” Alpine Brigade of the Italian Army, engaged in a series of complex tactical fire operations, ended yesterday at the Monteromano shooting range.

The exercise was planned and conducted by the 2nd Alpine Regiment, together with elements of the 32nd Engineer Regiment, of the Regiment Nice Cavalry (1st), the 1st land (mountain) artillery regiment and the 9th alpine regiment, who successfully carried out an intense series of day and night fire exercises, with individual and unit weapons, supported by mortars 120, 81 and 60 mm, 105/14 howitzers, busway Centaur and by helicopters and planes of the Italian Army.

The 'Laran 21' began in the second half of September with the deployment in Monteromano of the units of the 'Taurinense', some of which have recently returned from Lebanon and Kosovo where they have been employed respectively in the UN and NATO missions. The intense logistical effort required for carrying out the exercise, which saw the multi-modal transport of vehicles and materials by rail and air carriers for the entry of personnel, itself constituted an essential training moment for the capabilities projection and redeployment of the units away from the permanent locations.

The activity involved more than 700 soldiers from the “Taurinense” and was developed in several phases, through intermediate objectives that made it possible to gradually test scenarios and procedures of increasingly higher complexity. The first phase, called "Scorpio 4/21", was characterized by a continuous activity with opposing parties, conducted with the aid of simulation systems under the supervision of the Tactical Training Center of the Army of Monteromano. The second phase saw the carrying out of continuous fire activities at the level of a reinforced minor complex.

The commander of the Alpine troops, general of the army corps Claudio Berto, at the end of the activity underlined how: “In the Laran exercise the Alpine troops train in warfighting demonstrating an effective level of integration between the different operational components. The upcoming Vardirex 2021 civil protection exercise confirms the centrality of the Alpine troops in any emergency situation that may affect the country ".