The soldiers of the 80th "Roma" volunteer training regiment are sworn in

(To Army Majority State)

The swearing-in ceremony of the volunteers in firm prefixed of one year (VFP1) of the 2nd block 2022.

The event was attended by civil, military and religious authorities, including the prefect of the province of Frosinone, Dr. Ernesto Liguori, the mayor of Cassino, Dr. Enzo Salera and the commander of the command of the southern operational forces, army corps general Giuseppenicola Tota, as well as a festive setting made up of family members of the jurors and the citizens.

Following the reading of the ritual formula, the soldiers, visibly excited, swore in the presence of the War Flag of the 80th volunteer training regiment “Roma”, decorated with the Military Order of Italy, two Gold Medals and one Bronze for Military Valor.

The mayor, in his speech, recalled the sad events related to March 15, thanking the men and women of the 80th anniversary for having wanted to embellish this celebration with their presence, reiterating the strong link between the Regiment and the citizens.
"Today you have made a commitment, first of all to yourselves and your consciences, which transforms you into aware citizens, whose goal will be to work for the community" were the words addressed to the jurors by General Lamanna.

On April 4th, the volunteers will leave the training regiment to join the units of the armed force located throughout the national territory.