Volunteers on fixed terms swear allegiance to the Republic

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, at the end of an 17-week training course, the swearing-in ceremonies for volunteers in fixed stops.

The very young 2200 soldiers took their oath in the presence of the War Flag of their respective training institutes which welcomed them from the civilian world over two months ago. Women and men who have followed a process of approaching the military world which has been characterized by a cadenced training program which has embraced all aspects of military discipline: the uniform, the rules of internal barracks life, formal training, knowledge of the weapons and means supplied to the Armed Forces.

The commander for the Training, Specialization and Doctrine of the Army, Army Corps General Carlo La Manna, who spoke at the swearing-in ceremony at the 85th Volunteer Training Regiment, encouraged the young soldiers: "The commitment that you have proudly undertaken allows you to become a full part of the military institution, embracing its values ​​and principles, which will lead you to distinguish yourselves, each with their own role and responsibilities, but all equal in before the common duty."

In the coming days, the volunteers will reach the operational departments located throughout the country in order to be able to apply what they have learned and guarantee the constant presence of the Armed Forces for each type of operation.