Swears the 2nd Block 2021

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, i Volunteers in One Year Fixed, attendees of the initial training course, belonging to the 1st bracket of the 2nd Block 2021, took an oath of loyalty to the Italian Republic, at the voluntary training regiments of Ascoli Piceno, Capua, Cassino and Verona.

In the presence of the War Flag of the relative regiments and in the presence of military, civil and religious authorities, as well as a representation of the Combat and Weapon Associations, the volunteers shouted "I swear!" and sang the hymn of Mameli.

During the ceremonies, the sacrifice of the Alpino Giuseppe Sidoli, who fell in East Africa in 1938 and decorated with the Gold Medal for Military Valor, was remembered, chosen as mentor of the 2nd Block 2021, as a model of elected military virtues.

During their speeches, Brigadier General Eugenio Dessì in Cassino and Verona, Brigadier General Angelo Minelli in Capua and Brigadier General Fabrizio Argiolas in Ascoli Piceno, underlined the significance of the oath, an ethical reference in the daily actions of the personal with the "stars" and moral bond towards oneself and the country.

On 19 July, at the end of the 6-week course, i Volunteers in One Year Fixed, of the 1st bracket of the 2nd Block 2021 will reach the Units of the Armed Force located throughout the national territory for the completion of the stop.