European Best Sniper Team: the Italian Army on the podium

(To Army Majority State)

The European Best Sniper Team, European competition of the teams of sharpshooters that saw the soldiers of the 7th Alpine regiment rank 1st in the pistol shooting ranking and 3rd place in the general classification, thus climbing on the podium, just behind Greece and Cyprus, ranked first and second respectively.

The competition saw the participation of over 25 teams of shooters, from 15 Nations, who faced each other in a series of tests lasting a total of ten days, in order to test the peculiar abilities of their use such as shooting skills, endurance. and physical ability, terrestrial navigation through couple orienteering, mental versatility to operate in various environments and react to situations in sudden change.

The competition, previously conducted as "Jaeger Shot Competition", "European Best Squad", "European Best Sniper", aims to increase collaboration between the armies of the various countries and increase their skills.

The shooters chosen are troops trained to operate on highly compartmentalised terrain and in extreme climatic conditions, on which a high reliance is placed as they represent a force multiplier for the conduct of operations even in a mountain environment.

During 2021 the Alpine troops participated in other training events of this type. Specifically, the "Julia" brigade with a team of the 7th Alpine regiment participated in the "Sniper Fest 2021" competition, in Rukla in Lithuania, ranking 3rd overall out of over 80 pairs of soldiers from nations all over the world. .

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