“Sagittarius” exercise for the Folgore

(To Army Majority State)

It just ended at the Tactical Training Center (CAT) of 2nd level of the Infantry School of Cesano (Rome) the exercise Sagittarius 2/2021, which was attended by the paratroop knights of the “Savoia Cavalleria“ regiment (3). Through the use of the "Miles" system, the staff of the "Savoia" trained, with realism, in various tactical activities and in various scenarios and contexts, both urban and not, by implementing the training, carried out in white on the premise of the CAT in the garrison and in the adjacent areas of the regimental headquarters.

The presence of the "Opposing Forces", belonging to the 2nd "Cengio" battalion of the "Granatieri di Sardegna", has contributed to increasing the training realism, allowing the execution of "opposing parties" activities, simulating the construction and maintenance of relations with local police forces and the management of the civilian population in the event of unrest. Particular attention was paid to platoon and squad commanders, both in the planning phase and in the subsequent conduct of the activities by applying the philosophy of Mission Command in all its concomitant aspects.

The constant and timely research and transmission of information data is noteworthy, which has allowed the squadron command (exercised as HICON) to have an always up-to-date Situational Awareness thanks to the continuous and punctual communication flow. All activities were carried out in compliance with the regulations in force for the containment of the ongoing SARS-Cov-2 pandemic. However, these precautions did not prevent a coherent and careful performance of the training activities.