Concluded the chosen patrol boat course

(To Army Majority State)

With the conclusion of the "chosen patrol boat" course in favor of the marshal students of the XXIII "Honor" course, the first act of the training activities called "Una Acies" 2022 was completed, which will involve the training institutes of the FORDOT area until the end of July.

The six-week course aimed to provide future commanders with the technical-tactical skills to effectively deal with a combat patrol activity, as well as to further improve the psycho-physical-aptitude preparation of the patrons, gradually accustoming them to operate outside their own comfort zone.

In a first module of activities carried out at the daring gym, the visitors tried their hand at exercises such as the ascent of the alpine wall, the realization of the climbing technique on an artificial wall, the movement on the "Himalayan" bridge, the abseiling. from the 18-meter tower, the “fake helicopter” descent technique, the jump on the 4, 6 and 8 meter sheet.

Subsequently, external activities were carried out on the technical and tactical procedures and the use of the combat patrol, day and night land navigation with armament and equipment.

The final phase of the course was the conduct of the continuous exercise with opposing parties lasting four nocturnal arches called "Orsa Maggiore" carried out in the area between Tolfa and Monteromano in the province of Viterbo.

During the drill, the attendees put into practice what they had learned during the previous weeks relating to the conduct of tactical offensive activities at the platoon level. In particular, the planning and conduct of assaults on command posts, ambushes on logistic columns with the aim of disrupting the logistical and command and control capabilities of the opponents.

The exercise, which began on May 30th through terrestrial and amphibious infiltration that took place at the Santa Severa polygon in the presence of gen. ca. 3 CH - 2 made available by the Army Aviation.

Following this, the COMFORDOT commander awarded the winners of the course marshals and FOTER students in the presence of the attendees and the entire organization of the course.

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