The November livex ended

(To Ce.Si.Va)

In the past few days, three “livex” exercises have been concluded which - as part of the planning of the training activities of the 2019 of the Army Simulation and Validation Center (Ce. Si. Va.) And of the employees Tactical Training Centers (CAT) - were scheduled for November.

In detail at the CAT of Monte Romano (VT) the "livex" called "took place"Scorpio 6 / 2019". The exercise was aimed at testing and training the 5 regiment "Lancieri di Novara" in the supervision and supervision of point and area targets; on foot and motorized patrolling in large areas and urban areas; to the defense of sensitive sites; to the treatment of the wounded, etc ...

In the Brunico CAT the exercise called "Eagle 6 / 2019”, Conceived to train the 1 ° platoon of the 9 ° regiment f. "Bari" to maintain operational standards in an urbanized environment (warfighting) and in particular in the activities of: command and control procedures; area belt; planning and conduct of a settlement of a settlement; planning and conduct of the defense of a town; movement for contact.

Finally, in the same days, at the Tactical Training Center of Torre Veneri (Le), the exercise was carried out “Centaur 7 / 2019"In favor of the officers belonging to the 199 ° Technical Application Course of the Cavalry School. The purpose of the "livex" in this case was to test the ability of the exercisers to carry out offensive and defensive tactical activities in classic combat against regular, irregular and criminal forces, with medium-high operational capabilities.

The purpose of the "livex" exercises is to allow trained units to operate in real environments using the individual weapons, vehicles and weapon systems supplied. The activity, conducted in two distinct moments, sees a preparation phase comprising the study of the scenario and the training objectives, during which field detection sensors and mobile devices for the control and evaluation of the exercise were deployed. , and a phase of conduct that has developed with continuous actions on the ground of 36 / 48 hours constantly followed by observers / controllers and analysts able to monitor and evaluate the decision-making processes of the Commanders of each level and the behavior of the units on the ground.