Completed the "Lince-Civetta" exercise

(To Army Majority State)

The exercise called "Lince-Civetta", aimed at refining the use of the particular systems of electronic warfare, ended in recent days at the headquarters of the 33rd EW regiment in Treviso.
The activity was carried out in full compliance with the measures to combat the spread of the CoViD-19 infection and saw the staff of the 33rd EW regiment, under the command of Colonel Ettore Pontiroli, train in scenarios created specifically for optimal use of the specialist equipment supplied.

The "Lince-Civetta" exercise planned by tactical information brigade command of Anzio, is part of the validation of Joint Rapid Reaction Force (JRRF) of NATO and provides for the deployment of a minor tactical information complex to which the 41st IMINT regiment, the 13th HUMINT regiment and the Novara Lancers regiment (5th) contribute.

Each unit, with its own peculiarities, contributes to information research on the battlefield, allowing the commander to have the information necessary for the conduct of operations in a timely manner.

The activity, coordinated by the command post deployed in the "Cadorin" barracks in Treviso, took place in the training areas of Treviso, Anzio and Sora.

The conduct of the exercise was the occasion for Brigadier General Maurizio Fronda, the new commander of the tactical information brigade, to meet the 33rd EW Regiment by attending the final phase of the "Lince-Civetta", which began on November 9th, which allowed the men and women of the tactical information brigade and of the dependent regiments, to achieve excellent results also thanks to the use of new equipment.