The "Freccia" exercise in Sardinia has ended

(To Army Majority State)

The "Freccia" exercise, which began on 4 October last, of the Army's anti-aircraft units deployed at the Salto di Quirra Experimental Joint Forces Polygon (PISQ).

Among the anti-aircraft assets on the ground, there were systems and technologies that allow for a constantly updated view of air traffic in the areas of competence and responsibility, realistically simulating warfighting scenarios in order to face, always with the utmost timeliness, the attacks carried out by enemy air carriers represented by 5th generation F-35 fighters.
A dense network of anti-aircraft sensors and actuators that provided the instrumental surveillance of the battlefield, integrating the activity of the anti-aircraft sensors.

The Army Chief of Staff, Army Corps General Pietro Serino was present at the exercise who, welcomed by the commander of the support land operations forces, army corps general Massimo Scala and the commander of the anti-aircraft artillery, brigadier general Giuseppe Amodio, attended a briefing where the features of the exercise were presented, with particular focus on the operational capabilities of the tactical group in readiness Joint Rapid Response Force (JRRF), through the integrated use of all the anti-aircraft defense systems supplied to the Italian Army against threats from the third dimension, from ballistic missiles up to remotely piloted mini and micro aircraft.

At the end of the meeting, the Chief of Staff of the Army addressed a greeting address to the men and women in exercise stating "Today the threat that comes to us from above, beyond the pure air, is something from which we must be ready to defend ourselves. Seeing all the Army's anti-aircraft units operate together in an activity like this is important. The Forza Armata must work to put you in the best conditions to be able to operate and you, through your commitment, give the expected return. Congratulations to all for what I have seen."