Concluded the "TUSCUS 2021"

(To Army Majority State)

The "TUSCUS 2021" exercise led by the 4th Carri Regiment ended at the Monteromano shooting range, during which the heavy unit of the "Garibaldi" brigade had the opportunity to test their skills in conducting training activities typical of the tanker specialty. The tactical firing act made it possible to consolidate and test the preparation of commanders at various levels in mission planning and in the use and coordination of fire.

In particular, in the presence of Brigadier General Massimiliano Quarto, commander of the brigade Garibaldi, an exercise was conducted at a minor multi-weapon complex level, "Combined arms", with the performance of a counterattack defensive tactical activity that employed two tank platoons on C1 Ram of the 4th Chariot Regiment, a genius platoon of the 21st Gustatori genius regiment on Medium Multi-role Tactical Vehicle “VTMM ORSO”, in addition to other assets in competition by the various departments of the Armed Force.

The training made it possible to test the skills of the young commanders at the mission command thanks to a series of activations that followed one another during the tactical act, verifying their preparation, at various levels, in the planning of the mission and in the conduct of a tactical act.

During "TUSCUS 2021" numerous other "Mission Oriented" training activities were carried out aimed at preparing other departments of the bersaglieri brigade Garibaldi. Among these, the 8th Bersaglieri Regiment on 27 May concluded an intense training cycle that saw it engaged, during the past six months, in preparing for future employment in the field of Out of Area Operations. In particular, ongoing activities were carried out with opposing parties using the systems of Tactical Training Center (CAT) of Monteromano and shooting lessons on all combat platforms with the weapon systems supplied to the departments of the Garibaldi.

The activity, despite its complexity, was organized and conducted in full compliance with the health regulations in force for the containment of the spread of CoViD-19.