Completed the preparation phase of the 152nd infantry regiment of the "Sassari" brigade in view of new jobs

(To Army Majority State)

The 152nd infantry regiment of the "Sassari" brigade has concluded the preparation of rates of its personnel in view of their future use in operational activities.

During an intense training period of about ten weeks, the "dimonios" carried out a series of theoretical-practical activities in which the skills of intervening in operations in competition with the police forces, of support for the community and of making urban areas safe.

The training focused on improving the operational skills of specialties in the use of armament systems, with the use also of modern simulation systems, the exploitation of open areas available to the department and information seminars via videoconferencing.

Part of the training was dedicated to deepening specific socio-cultural issues of the local populations and to the knowledge of the legal foundations needed to operate in the areas of employment.

The training took place in compliance with the hygiene-sanitary procedures envisaged by the ministerial provisions, guaranteeing interpersonal distancing and the use of personal protective equipment.