Change of the head of the central inspection team

(To Army Majority State)

Yesterday, in the presence of the Army logistic commander, Corps General Maurizio Riccò, Brigadier General Giuseppe Benvenuto handed over the position of head of the central inspection unit to Major General Tommaso Petroni.

During the handover, which took place at the headquarters of the central inspection team, General Riccò expressed gratitude to General Benvenuto, underlining the very high moral and professional qualities that characterized his work.

The logistic commander of the Army then greeted Major General Tommaso Petroni for the new post, who has just left that of head of the materials department of the transport and materials command.

Il Central Inspection Unit (NIC), framed in the logistic command of the Army, has the task of carrying out a constant and accurate monitoring of the level of functionality and efficiency of the logistics of the armed force.

The examination of the results of the inspections carried out by the NIC at the Army Bodies make it possible to provide the top of the armed force and the commanders of the area leaders / senior commanders with a concrete vision and perspective of the situation of the functioning of the logistic services (Transport and Materials, Commissariat, Health and Veterinary), constituting a precious resource to guide the actions for the solution of the findings themselves.

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