Remediation of explosive devices in Acerra

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, the bomb squads of the Italian Army have carried out the defusing and blasting operations of an unexploded device weighing 250 pounds, dating back to the Second World War and found in the municipality of Acerra (NA).

A team of specialists from the 21st sapper engineers regiment of Caserta, a unit framed in the “Garibaldi” Bersaglieri brigade, intervened on site for the reclamation operations.

The British-made bomb weighing 250 pounds type GP MK, equipped with an armed front fuse, was accidentally found during excavations at the Naples - Bari railway site.

Following the reconnaissance and evaluations of the specialized core, the prefecture of Naples ordered the evacuation of buildings and roads as well as the evacuation of resident personnel from the place where the bomb was found.

In particular, the clearance distance for the size of the bomb, thanks to a newly designed containment structure for reclamation activities, has been reduced to 334 meters, significantly limiting inconvenience to the community.

The men and women of the Army, always trained in military-type actions, are characterized by a considerable versatility of use, being able to offer a decisive contribution even in public utility interventions in the event of natural disasters or for the remediation of war remnants. still widely present on the national territory.