Change of command of the CSRNE

(To Army Majority State)

In the presence of the commander of Army Training, Specialization and Doctrine, general of the army corps Carlo Lamanna and military and civil authorities, the ceremony of changing the commander of the national selection and recruitment center Army.

This afternoon, at the "Gonzaga del Vodice Ferrante" barracks, Brigadier General Vincenzo Spanò Salvatore Carta passed the baton to Brigadier General Giorgio Guariglia. A challenging period that passed by General Spanò at the helm of the center full of satisfactions that he himself wanted to remember as follows: "the national selection and recruitment center is an excellence of the Italian Army, a point of reference in the specific sector at joint level and beyond". He then added that "this was possible thanks to the foresight and the unceasing work carried out by the staff of this institution".

Army Corps General Lamanna underlined how "General Spanò has been appreciated for his professionalism and human skills and has achieved significant results, guaranteeing the Armed Forces the correct execution of selective activities and ensuring the incorporation of soldiers according to the needs indicated in the respective calls for tenders".

​Present at the ceremony were the mayor of Foligno, lawyer Stefano Zuccarini, the president of the Ente Giostra della Quintana, cavalier Domenico Metelli, accompanied by a representation of the ten districts of the Umbrian city, the fighting and military associations, demonstrating the synergy created between the local institutions, the citizens of Foligno and the "Gonzaga" barracks.