Changes in "Safe Streets"

(To Army Majority State)

Over the past few days, the rotations of the departments which, as part of the "Strade Sicure" operation, operate, in collaboration with the Police Forces, in the area of ​​responsibility of the command of the Southern Operational Forces, which directly reports to 5 groups deployed in southern Italy and the major islands for a total of about 1900 soldiers who guarantee the security of sensitive areas and points on a daily basis.

In particular, for the next semester, the brigade Aosta assumed command of the group Lazio-Abruzzo, unique at brigade level; in Campania, where the "Terra dei Fuochi" operation is also being conducted in the provinces of Naples and Caserta, the light cavalry regiment (19th) will operate, belonging to the "Garibaldi" Bersaglieri brigade; while the 11th engineer sapper regiment has taken over the command of the Puglia-Basilicata group and the 21st land artillery regiment that of the group Calabria.

Finally, the "Sicily" group will be at the helm of the 4th engineer sappers regiment.​

All the handovers were made official by the commander of the Southern Operational Forces, general of the army corps Giovanni Maria Iannucci, who congratulated the ceding commanders for the excellent results achieved in their period of responsibility and for the effective command action, wishing the replacements who will find themselves operating in the season a good job summer, always being able to count on the support of the COMFOP Sud staff.​