Artificial disinherit the first plane bomb found in 2014


Last Sunday, the first airplane bomb found in the 2014 was despolished and made to shine safely by the bomb-breakers of the Army.

The bomb, a bomb of 500 pounds of American manufacture, had been found with the two still working quills, last December 20 in the town of Civitella Paganico (GR) during work along the SS 223.

Due to the technical skills of the personnel and the equipment provided, the Army provides its own contribution every day for interventions of public utility and for the protection of the environment. In particular the Genio departments, thanks to the experiences matured in the operational theaters and to the high connotation "Dual-use", operate in favor of the national community both in the event of public disasters, as recently occurred on the occasion of the bad weather in Sardinia, and with the remediation of the war residues still widely present in the territory. In 2013, the nuclei EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) of the Army Engineering Department performed 2.141 specialized interventions for the remediation of 8.947 explosive devices. In the last 10 years the interventions have been over 30.000. The Army is the only armed force responsible for the formation of the bomb disposal personnel of all the Police, Armed Forces and State Corps forces.

Source: EI