The exercise "UNA ACIES 2020" starts

(To Army Majority State)

In the next few days, for a period of three months, about 1.000 students from the Army Training, Specialization and Doctrine Area, coming from the Army Training and Application School of Turin, from the Military Academy of Modena and from the Non-commissioned Officers School of Viterbo, the joint exercise called "UNA ACIES 2020" will begin.

The training activities will take place simultaneously at the Weapons and Specialty Schools (Infantry School, Cavalry School, Artillery Command, Anti-Aircraft Artillery Command, Genius Command, School of Transport and Materials, Commissarial School and Parachuting Training Center ); Various commands (Military Command of the Capital, Command of Logistic Support, Army Administration Directorate); at the vast training areas of the Monte Romano (Viterbo) and Torre Veneri (Lecce) ranges, and partly also in the respective service locations for the e-learning courses held by the Transmission Command and the Armed Forces Telecommunication School. The training activities will be a fundamental moment for the operational verification of the skills reached at the doctrinal level, by those attending the Training Institutes.

Training for officers, marshals, officer pupils and marshal pupils will include various activities: infantry squads and platoons on fire with portable and departmental weapons, combat instructor course in urban areas, day and night patrols in non-ambient environments. permissive, use of the main means and weapon systems supplied to the infantry, to the cavalry (Blindo Puma, Centaur and Carro Ram), artillery (FH70), procedures for biological, chemical and environmental nuclear defense, training with explosives, use of the means and materials of the genius (Ponte Bailey), course of protection of forces, communication security, cyber defense, technical stock course, use of field mobile vehicles, chosen patrol course and qualification to launch with the parachute with restricted opening.

The multiplicity of the training activities of "UNA ACIES 2020" carried out by the men and women of the Training, Specialization and Doctrine Area of ​​the Italian Army, constitute a significant opportunity for growth for future Army cadres, gathered "in a only host ".

All logistical and training activities are conducted in full compliance with the provisions in force concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.