234 volunteers took an oath of loyalty to the Italian Republic

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, at the 85th RAV "Verona" and the 80th RAV "Rome", in the presence of the respective War Flags, 234 volunteers in fixed one-year firm (VFP-1) of the Italian Army, belonging to the second group of the 2nd block 2020.

The ceremonies, broadcast live streaming on the official channels of the Armed Force, they were carried out in full compliance with the containment and contrasting rules for the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 and saw the participation, albeit in a limited number, of the family members of the jurands.

The commander of the Infantry School, Brigadier General Roberto Viglietta, as the highest authority present at the two ceremonies, exhorted the young soldiers with these words: "Respect your promises and you will see that all the satisfactions you will achieve will be felt and deserved. Be ready to serve the country, ready to help others, ready to live the values ​​of the Italian Army".

As a premise of the ceremony, the commanders and instructors, primarily responsible for the professional growth of the VFP-1 of the Italian Army, gave the young volunteers of the 2nd block a copy of the diary "I am a Soldier", inside which they are the values ​​and distinctive characteristics of military identity are described.

The young soldiers, arrived at the end of an intense training phase lasting 6 weeks which allowed them to learn the rules that regulate the military organization, to achieve adequate physical preparation as well as to acquire basic knowledge and operational skills proper to each soldier, in the next few days, they will reach the units of the Armed Force, located throughout the national territory.