23 Army athletes at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014


After having been awarded in the last racing season as the best sports club of the Italian Winter Sports Federation, the Army Sports Center is confirmed as the protagonist of the Italian team in Sochi, being the most represented company thanks to its 23 athletes.

Confirming their roots in the national winter sports context, the Alpine troops who will represent the Italian Army at the Games in Russia come from 6 (six) different regions. Trentino - Alto Adige is the host with 11 athletes: Biathlon: Senior Corporal Chosen Karin Oberhofer together with Corporal Chosen Markus Windisch and 1st Corporal Major Dominik Windisch; Snowboard: Corporal Chosen Roland Fischnaller, Corporal Aaron March, Corporal Major Omar Visintin and Corporal Emanuel Perathoner; Luge PA: Chief Corporal Patrick Gruber and 1st Major Corporal Sandra Gasparini; Fund: Major Corporal Enrico Nizzi; Jump: 1st Major Corporal Davide Bresadola. Valle d'Aosta follows with 5 athletes: Fondo: Corporal Major Francesco Defabiani and Major Corporal Elisa Brocard; Snowboard: Major Corporal Luca Matteotti and 1st Major Corporal Raffaella Brutto; Biathlon: Corporal Major Nicole Gontier. Three athletes come from Lombardy: Alpine Skiing: 3st Major Corporal Roberto Nani; Cross-country skiing: Corporal Major Chief Fabio Pasini; Snowboard: Corporal Michela Moioli. Piedmont will instead be represented by 1 athletes: Alpine Skiing: 2st Corporal Major Francesca Marsaglia; Skeleton: Corporal Major Chosen Maurizio Oioli. Concluding the Emilia Romagna which will field only 1 athlete in Alpine Skiing, the Vancouver 1 Olympic Champion Senior Corporal Giuliano Razzoli and Veneto with the rookie Corporal Tommaso Leoni in snowboarding.

Source: Army Olympic Sports Center

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