128 pupil marshals leave the Petty Officer School

(To Army Majority State)

It took place yesterday morning, at the Officers' School of the Army in Viterbo, the ceremony to drop the pennant of the XXII “Dare” course. As every day, the banner was hoisted for the last time on the notes of the hymn of the Institute, an important tradition which, together with the tolling of the bell of duty, marks the beginning of the day of the pupil marshal during the period of stay at the School.

The pennant will now be kept by the pupils regiment, as a testimony and perennial reminder of the passage of the XXII course “Dare” at the headquarters of all the non-commissioned officers. After more than two years of training, the 128 student marshals are preparing to face the specialization phase at the schools / commandos of Weapons and Specialties, on the premise of assignment to the departments.

A demanding period ends which, despite the strong conditions imposed by the health emergency, has allowed the achievement of the educational and training objectives set out in the study plan of the XXII course, thanks to the great spirit of adaptation of the students and the work of the staff of the Institute that has been able to adapt the commitments and the preparation of the visitors to the sudden changes due to the contingent situation.

Brigadier General Alberto Vezzoli, commander of the Officers' School, in greeting the pupil marshals he exhorted them as follows: “Do not forget what you have lived and faced in these years, continue to enrich your luggage, because the more you fill your backpack with experience and expertise the more, paradoxically, it will be lighter. Seek the gratification of your soldiers, more than your commanders, build a human relationship with them, take care of them, because everything you give them they will return to you with interest ".