Viterbo, uprooted the plaque in memory of the victims of the Moroccan women


The plaque commemorating the women victims of the so-called "marocchinate", the violence perpetrated by the French colonial troops in Italy in the period 1943-1944, has been torn down.

It was inaugurated last June 1 in the garden of the Carmine district in Viterbo, with a ceremony attended by the mayor Chiara Frontini, the councilor Katia Scardozzi and the vice president of the national association for victims of Moroccan women Silvano Olmi.

The vandalism seems to have been carried out in the night between Friday and Saturday. The license plate will be repositioned as soon as possible. Investigations are underway to identify those responsible.

“It was a shameful act – declares Emiliano Ciotti, president of the national association of victims of Moroccan girls, who had come to Viterbo specifically on 7 July to see the plaque – an act of vandalism that seriously wounds the memory of the women and men who suffered unspeakable violence.

I express my utmost solidarity with the municipal administration, the city of Viterbo and the members of the ANVM of Tuscia - concludes Ciotti - those who destroy plaques and monuments want to take away our right, that of memory and remembrance."

ANVM, National Association of Victims of Moroccan Women