Change at the top of the 2nd Carabinieri Mobile Brigade


Today, 19 September 2023, the new commander of the 2 took officea mobile carabinieri brigade. General Gianluca Feroce succeeds his peer Stefano Iasson who held the prestigious command for four years.

The turnover ceremony took place at the “Gen.” barracks. D. Giuseppe Amico”, in the presence of the commander of the mobile unit division Gen.d. Aldo Iacobelli.

General Iasson leaves Livorno and will land in Cagliari at the command of the "Sardinia" carabinieri legion. The officer, among the various positions held, was head of the training and regulations office of the general command of the force, provincial commander of Padua, commander of the 7th "Trentino-Alto Adige" carabinieri regiment based in Laives (BZ), commander of battalion of the 1st "Tuscania" parachute carabinieri regiment.

The new commander, Gen. Gianluca Feroce, also began his career at the 1st "Tuscania" parachute carabinieri regiment and was subsequently battalion and commander special intervention group (GIS). He was also commander of the provincial of Genoa and head of office at the general command of the force.

Firsta Carabinieri mobile brigade is the elite unit responsible for operating on the front line in all international missions. The 1st "Tuscania" parachute carabinieri regiment, the 7th "Trantino-Alto Adige" regiment, the 13th "Tuscania" regiment depend on it. Friuli Venezia Giulia”, the special intervention group (raiders). After a strict selection process and after having acquired the respective qualifications of "explorer", "operator in a crisis area" and "raider", the soldiers of the brigade are prepared to operate in all the different types of missions in the many foreign and international contexts. , exclusively, in stocks at medium and high risk diplomatic missions (Tripoli, Beirut, Baghdad, Ethiopia, Niger, Pakistan, Venezuela, Algeria just to name a few).

To confirm this, immediately after the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, soldiers of the 2a mobile brigade (7th rgt "TA.A") were called to ensure the protection and escort service for the diplomatic staff at the Italian embassy in Kiev and the consulate in Lviv.

All the war flags of the four departments of the 2nd brigade are awarded the Military Order of Italy, the Republic's highest military honor. Furthermore, last year, the flags of the 1st "Tuscania" regiment and the 7th "Trentino-Alto Adige" regiment were awarded, for what they did during the "Aquila Omnia" operation, the gold cross of merit of the the carabinieri weapon. The personnel of the two regiments planned and managed the evacuation of the Italian embassy in Kabul and brought to safety the Afghans who collaborated with our diplomacy by giving “new proof of his high professional ability and exceptional value… when, in August 2021, in Kabul… during the retreat following the offensive of the Taliban movements, he carried out his tasks with admirable courage and professionalism…”

The operators of 2a mobile brigade, experts in out-of-area operations and with a vast and distinct military background, guarantee a safe synergy with the other Italian and foreign armed forces by performing the most disparate tasks including those of military police, training, protection and escort, consultancy, combat.