3 September 1982: Perego di Cremnago "To remember with honor General Dalla Chiesa, the man who symbolized the fight against the mafia"

(To Staff)

"41 years ago, on the evening of 3 September 1982, the general of the carabinieri Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, Prefect of the 100 days in Palermo, was assassinated by the mafia in via Isidoro Carini together with his wife Emanuela Setti Carraro, at his side at that moment and to the police officer Domenico Russo” recalls Matteo Perego of Cremnago Undersecretary of State for Defence"

"The memory of Carlo Alberto della Chiesa is indelible for me and it must be for all Italian citizens; a carabiniere, son of a carabiniere, then Prefect who in his one hundred days in Palermo had also dedicated special attention to young people" continues Perego "For this I would like to recall some of your words spoken to the young students of the Garibaldi High School in Palermo - *I am like a flame that the State wanted to light in this beautiful capital that is Palermo. I believe in young people and I have come here to give them something: I hope to be able to create with this activity of mine at least some doubts in those who live in rottenness, who thrive on corruption. I still believe that values ​​exist, above all because we are men and not numbers. We must reject any form of corruption because it is on this that the mafia and your conditioning feeds. You have to rely exclusively on your own intelligence… The Mafia is a way of being, a way of thinking that overwhelms anyone; we must study how to combat it*-" 

"The fight against the mafia must not stop" concludes the undersecretary "and the whole of Italian society must feel involved, from every single contribution and from how we educate our kids, affirming the culture of legality, we can hope for a better future for the country".

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