NAS Sassari: precautionary measures following ill-treatment of the elderly in a health care facility

(To Carabinieri weapon)

Carabinieri of the NAS of Sassari carried out two interdictory precautionary measures of the prohibition to exercise certain professional or entrepreneurial activities for the duration of 12 months, for the crime of ill-treatment of elderly guests of a local social welfare structure, and the contextual preventive seizure of the same structure.

Last Saturday morning, the NAS carabinieri of Sassari - in collaboration with the soldiers of the CC station of Sorso - implemented an order for the application of the interdictive measure of the prohibition to exercise certain professional or entrepreneurial activities issued by the GIP at the court of Sassari, against two people under investigation for the continued crime of ill-treatment of the guests of a local social welfare facility.

The measures result from an articulated investigative activity carried out by the military of the Anti-adulteration and Health Unit of Sassari, through observation and control services, investigations also supported by technical activities that made it possible to bring to light various criminal conduct against the staff (legal officer and social welfare operator) of the aforementioned social welfare and health structure for the elderly.

In particular, the investigations ascertained against the suspects serious indications of guilt in relation to the crime of ill-treatment carried out against the guests, through systematic and continuous vexatious conduct, threats, insults, beatings, pinching, physical constraints (immobilization by binding to wheelchairs) and omissions in the duties of solidarity, keeping them in conditions that are not suited to their life needs, as well as structural malfunctions and hygienic-structural deficiencies.