Free screening promoted by ONA and the Victims of Duty Observatory to protect the personnel of the Armed Forces

(To Donatella Gimigliano)

A free screening promoted by ONA e Victims of Duty Observatory which, in light of the aims of the statute, have again taken action to protect the health and psychophysical safety of civilian and military personnel of the Armed Forces exposed to asbestos, heavy metal nanoparticles, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, and other carcinogenic substances.

All soldiers, former soldiers, and their families, can benefit from the service established by the associations, thanks to the collaboration of Dr. Pierpaolo Capece, to be held in Taranto (Talsano) at the medical service, center of occupational medicine of Dr. Dino Rusciano, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele n ° 2/3, Saturday 28 May 2022 between 15 pm and 19 pm, and Sunday 29 from 9 14 to. Is it possible book until 27 May 2022 at 14 pm, at the phone number +344 277 0984.

The initiative, which is part of health protection, was established in Taranto precisely with reference to the massive presence of our soldiers employed in missions abroad, and many embarked in the naval units of the Italian Navy and at risk for their safety. The two associations, in fact, continue to receive reports of cases of degenerative and tumor pathologies attributable to heavy metal nanoparticles and components of structures pulverized by bullets, in particular those with depleted uranium, and contamination of radioactive elements.

The percentage of diseases in the military present is similar to that of the populations present in the theaters of war. The military of other NATO countries have long been warned of the risks, are equipped with safety devices and are compensated in the event of illness. The UN has also banned the use of weapons containing depleted uranium given the probable connection between exposure to this element and the onset of serious diseases, including of an oncological nature.

In Italy, to date, more than 7500 soldiers who have fallen ill due to the presence of depleted uranium: 400 deaths. Despite this and 3 parliamentary committees of inquiry on the subject (the last of 2017), the Armed Forces continue to deny the correlation between heavy metal and pathologies. Instead, there are 130 sentences that recognize it and that have also allowed the military followed by the Observatory and its president, the lawyer Ezio Bonanni, to obtain just compensation such as col. Carlo Calcagni who, employed in the Balkan missions, was found to be contaminated or, like the Marshal of the Army, Alberto Sanna, 65, from Rome, who died of fulminant leukemia, both recognized as victims of duty.

The National Asbestos Observatory and the Victims of Duty Observatory have set up the toll-free number 800 034 294 in order to support all the military and those who have been exposed to these carcinogenic and toxic harmful elements. It is possible to ask for free advice by sending an email through the online help desk