"Frontier" operation

(To Arms of the Carabinieri)

From the early hours of this morning, the police of the ROS and the provincial command of Cosenza, are carrying out, in the provinces of Cosenza and Salerno and in other localities of the national territory, an order of custody in prison, issued at the request of the DDA of Catanzaro, against 58 people under investigation for mafia-type association, drug trafficking, extortion and robbery.

At the center of the investigation of the ROS one of the most dangerous and violent gangs of the 'ndrangheta, with Muto at the head of Francesco di Cetraro (CS) called the "king of the fish", which monopolized the economic resources of the territory for over 30 years taking care of until detail the marketing of fish products, in an area with a strong touristic impact, of the industrial laundry services of the hotel facilities and of the surveillance in favor of the entertainment venues of the Tyrrhenian Cosentina and lower Cilento areas.

At the same time, the investigations of the provincial command of cosenza documented an important drug trafficking which, under the control of the Muto clan, flooded the main seaside resorts of the Calabrian Tyrrhenian coast with cocaine, hashish and marijuana, including the famous Diamante, Scalea and Praia a Sea.

At the same time, assets amounting to approximately 7 million euro were seized.