Inauguration of the UNAVOX Cyber ​​Polygon


This morning in Chiavari the Undersecretary of State for Defense Stefania Pucciarelli spoke at the inauguration ceremony of the UNAVOX Cyber ​​Polygon at the Telecommunications School of the Armed Forces in Chiavari.

The Chiavari school extends its training potential with a proposal aimed at training the Armed Forces in a Cyber ​​Virtual Polygon, operating in the field of Cyber ​​Security.

"This training platform for military cyber operators" states Senator Pucciarelli in his speech “It has a highly strategic value, even in complementary terms, due to its transferable utility to the civil world, in particular as a technical laboratory for universities in the sector”.

“Personally, I follow with great attention the government policy on cyber security, as a fundamental pillar of 'National Security'. The spread of the culture of cybersecurity, understood more as an investment than as an expense, the harmonization of the rules governing the subject and the collaboration between public, private and university world, constitute in summary, according to my personal vision, the current national strategic lines. to be pursued ".

The Polygon represents the synergies that have been established between the military world, the university world and the industrial world, and specifically the Leonardo Spa which designed and built the work.

"Today we need to focus on effective and concrete projects" - continues the undersecretary - “Like this polygon, to be made available also outside the military world, to guarantee security to our entire country system through 'sovereign technology'. Producing our own technology, using and encouraging the national industry, corresponds to building a safer country for the near future. In this field, the EU too can and must do its part, first of all by working to ensure that there is harmonization between the regulations of the various countries, but also by promoting collaboration and interoperability, with due prudence given the strategic nature of the issue. "

“We must prepare for any eventuality, including by training in cyber warfare, using 'cyber weapons' and developing operational counter tactics, as well as developing cyber technologies. The polygon, which we inaugurated today, undoubtedly provides tools that help strengthen the stability, security and performance of the cyber infrastructures and Information Technologies (IT) systems used by government and military bodies ”.

UNAVOX was a project of the National Military Research Plan, approved by SEGREDIFESA, which incorporates the results of the previous feasibility study and the proposal presented by the University of Genoa, in collaboration with the companies Leonardo Spa, Aizoon and Minded Security: "This is the right way" concludes Senator Pucciarelli “That we must continue to pursue, the combination of national experiences and skills, maximized not only for defense but for the country system. The availability of resources represents a positive opportunity only if used in the context of an adequate national political strategy, with clear objectives and the right determination in pursuing far-sighted visions consistent with national needs and able to adapt to the changing context. Ambitious goals to be achieved with constant political commitment ".