Cade 118 helicopter in Abruzzo - UPDATE

(To David Bartoccini)

An 118 helicopter crashed in the Campo Felice area while engaged in the recovery of a skier who was the victim of an accident.

Six passengers at the time of the crash that occurred from a quota of 600 meters.

A group of mountain rescue has just been mobilized from the headquarters of rescue for the Hotel Rigopiano to reach the accident site and recover any missing persons.


"No survivors on the AW-139 fallen in Abruzzo"

The Mountain Rescue group mobilized from Penne to reach the crash site found no survivors.

Passed the 6 passengers and the skier who tried to rescue 1.600 mt. The helicopter, an AugustaWestland AW-139 brands EC-KJT fell from a height of 600 mt while trying to land to recover a skier with very serious fractures. According to various press sources, the helicopter pilot thought it possible to land despite bad weather.