Operations in Libya against human traffickers

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

The news of the delivery to the Navy of the first High Speed ​​Multifunctional Naval Unit (UNPAV) Angelo Cabrini allows us to elaborate some considerations about their possible use.

First of all it is the first unit of two (the other is the Tedeschi) specifically designed for use by the Navy Incursors Operating Group, it is clear from this that the missions to which they will be destined will fall within the scope of special operations.

Given the high speed (around 32 knots) and embarked rigging - which generally includes two machine guns at 6 M-134D rotary rods from 7,62x51, a remote-controlled HITROLE turret machine gun from 12,7x99 and a launcher for Israeli SPIKE LR missiles - the two units of the class Cabrini they could be used against the criminal activity of the smugglers, who have their bases - from which the boats that, once offshore, release small boats full of illegal immigrants - set sail along stretches of the Libyan coast.

It is also true that the most lethal weapon aboard the new units would be the GOI's raiders.

The previous Renzi Government had included the operations of the Special Forces abroad under the jurisdiction of the External Information and Security Agency (AISE), thus subtracting it de facto from the possible approval by the Parliament.

As for the sovereignty of the Libyan state on its territory, it is good to remind our readers that in practice it does not exist. In fact it is not possible to claim that the Libyan authorities (whoever they are) control the territory and that, at the same time, the boats leave without their knowledge.

Therefore a hypothesis of mission could foresee the occult approach by the Cabrini, with a detachment of GOI raiders on board, at one of the bases of the smugglers. At this point, after a preliminary survey, the ships could be struck with the SPIKE (maximum range 4.000 meters) at anchor, reducing the chances of innocent victims to a minimum, or releasing a detachment of incursors into the sea that could undermine the keels and , therefore, make them sink to the bottom.

Obviously, training and equipping the GOI allows them to conduct a wide range of offensive missions in a coastal environment, what is still missing is a clear political strategy.

There is no doubt that the class Cabrini was designed to meet the GOI's needs, or to have boats capable of conducting direct actions. However, if the new naval units will be used only for the transfer of illegal immigrants (such as sea taxis) or employed in the missions for which they were created, it will depend solely on the political choices of the new Executive.

Images: Navy / Frontex