New ranks for the armed forces

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Article 7 of Law 119 of 5 August 2022 "Provisions for the revision of the model of fully professional Armed Forces, for the extension of the deadline for the reduction of the equipment of the Italian Army, the Navy, excluding the Port Authority Corps, and the Air Force, as well as for the advancement of officers. Delegation to the Government for the revision of the national military instrument " has set up a new nomenclature for the grades of the category graduated e sergeants / brigadiers.

What is affirmed by several voices is the need for a reorganization that accepts the legitimate expectations of the staff and the restoration of a appeal for young people given the decline in voluntary enlistments with the aim of streamlining and modernizing our armed forces. Appeal ...

Therefore, considering that the current Defense model has registered in recent years a decline in interest in voluntary enrollment in the initial careers of the armed forces and therefore theappeal has gone down, we need to periodically institute, eliminate, rename and invent new grades to be attributed to the staff.

Here, therefore, that Article 7 of the aforementioned law amending Legislative Decree 66/2010 renames the qualifications of sergeants as well as the degrees and qualifications of volunteers in permanent service.

We briefly report the Augustian changes:

Italian army

"First corporal major" - "graduate";

"Chosen corporal" - "chosen graduated";

"Chief corporal" - "graduate chief";

"Corporal major chosen chief" - "first graduate";

"Corporal major chosen chief special qualification" - "graduate assistant".

"Chief sergeant major special qualification" - "adjutant sergeant major".

Marina Militare

"Sub-chief of 1st class chosen" - "sub-chief chosen";

“1st class sub-chief chosen special qualification” - “assistant sub-chief”.

"Second chief selected special qualification" - "second chief assistant".

air Force

"First chosen chief airman" - "first graduate";

"First chief airman chosen special qualification" - "graduate assistant".

"Chief sergeant major special qualification" - "adjutant sergeant major".

Arms of the Carabinieri

"Pinned special qualification" - "pinned helper"

"Brigadier chief special qualification" - "adjutant chief brigadier".

It seems that many men in uniform ask themselves "why?". Was this further distortion of the denomination of degrees necessary? There are probably other issues to address and try to resolve in our armed forces and certainly not smoke in the eyes or sops of various kinds.

With the reorganization of roles and careers (Legislative Decree 29 May 2017, n.94) we have already witnessed a folkloristic reform that has produced new grades and qualifications dotted with stars and stars flanked by friezes and wiggles of dubious taste, renaming the new degrees with periphrases. Yet the shuffle was "Inspired by the need to better enhance the professionalism and experience of non-executive personnel, with particular reference to the roles of rank-and-file graduates, sergeants and sergeants and marshals, as well as to create a more harmonious advancement system, such as to reward the merit and standardize the treatment of personnel within the Defense and Security sector. The definition of new degrees for qualifications and special positions, introduced precisely with the reorganization of careers, represents the culmination of this important process ". It happened?

Now a few years later, here we go again. New degrees, new denominations !!!

Does it make the military more productive or satisfied with an extra star on their shoulders or with the renaming of the rank? Does the clearer definition of roles, the improvement of working and operational conditions or the professionalization of the armed forces go through this?

It seems that other proposals are being studied to reform the grades of non-commissioned officers. We look forward to the next "reform" ...

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